Saturday, May 29, 2010

Love and Creation

I was back to my home after my internship at Hyderabad. I landed at Coimbatore, after the scare of AI strike, and she came all the way from Madurai(350kms) to pick me up.She had been waiting at the airport for 2 hours.When I just walked out of my Airport, she was standing at the entrance with the big wide smile.She showed no remorse for waiting in the airport for 2 hours nor for travelling the arduous 350kms,but rather she was full of happiness.We walked into the car, I slept in her lap and we had a great chat all along the way till Madurai. When we reached home, he was waiting at the gate expecting our arrival. I stepped down and exchanged thousands of words through my eyes with him.He is the only person in the world who can understand me better than her.He is my best friend,my guide and my role model.From that instant, I have been experiencing love in its purest form.Love that no one can describe! Why do they love me so much? Why do they live for me? Why do they sacrifice their life for me? Obviously my brain comes out with the answer "Because you are their only son", so why do they love their son? because I am their creation!. So does creation foster love? Yes may be!, I am sure Steve Jobs loves the word apple more now, and Sergey loves 10^100 more now, why? because it is their creation.Their creation has close links with these words!. So how to foster this creation?( the question the entire Business community asks), I started thinking,I came back to my case again,how was i created?? Yes! its love,love between my mom and dad created me!, So?? "Love fosters creation and creation fosters love",its a chain reaction!. Sachin's love for cricket made him create so many world records,which in turn has increased his love for the Game. ARR's love for music made him create brilliant pieces of music which in turn has increased his love for music. So here arose a question to me, If love fosters creation, Would people create something if they fall in love with a girl/boy.( apart from the obvious one :)). Yes!,they will !, Pierre Omdiyar and his creation e-bay( he started it to help his lover trade Pez candy dispensers) is the best example.
So lets start falling in love with something and make this world a better place to live!.

PS: Written with little love so apologies for the rusty creation

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