Saturday, August 18, 2007

Should we act in a play within a play????

After the advent of IT based services, there had been a plethora of opportunities for Young Engineers and technocrats all over India. Placement and Interview training has become an essential feature of all the Technical Institutions in India. But in such trainings, students are taught to act and hide their original personality in order to get a mere job in a Multi National Company. Students too attracted by the huge salaries follow their guides and act such that they are so cultured and cosmopolitan. Should we fake ourselves just for a job??


One of the most important aspect that all interviewers expect is formal dressing, with neat pants, ties and shirts. Are the persons who are formally dressed alone , disciplined and cultured??, are we in our formal dress always ?,so why is that it is more stressed upon?, such formal dresses, like ties, coats, suits are all suited to cold climate of the westerners, unfortunately they have forced upon these habits on us which have made us lose our originality and culture!!!. Our own costumes like kurtas, sarees have all lost their importance . So I think that culture and discipline is in one’s mind rather than costumes, the best example for discipline ‘Our own father of our nation’ was a half naked fakir!!!, isn’t he disciplined and cultured??


The other aspect is faking themselves in an interview which is done by most interviewees. In this flat world with a lot of urge for knowledge and communication ,the interview trainers train the students to answer a question in a prescribed fashion that could fetch a person a job in the company, students too follow the same and they get the job but eventually they lose their originality. Why are we losing ourselves for the sake of a job. The most crazy of all the training is that , an interviewee is trained how to walk, how to sit ,how not to sit, these are all the basic qualities which has to be tuned during childhood rather than now. The companies rather than expecting such stereo typical regularities, could encourage the students to come out with their original personality and intentions which could be good both for the student and corporates. We know that ‘All the worlds a stage’ and we are just actors who have come to act, should we act in a play within a play?? ,think it over…..

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