Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Opposite sex phobia--is it a mania????

That was a beautiful morning ,after a good breakfast,i was in the lecture hall of Electrical science Block ,Indian Institute of Technology -Madras.The lecture was so great that made me sit up and gaze at the professor with great admiration. The lecturer asked so many questions and eventhough i knew the answers for a lot,i wasnt able to come out with the answers as powerful as my North indian friends from NITs.I wasn't also able to come out with the doubts which were spranging up in my mind. I went to my hostel room in a sombre mood because i have missed the valuable chance to clear my doubts.As usual when we friends were relaxing in the lawn infront of Himalayan Mess,i started to think about the strange behaviour of mine. I have also been behaving like this since my standard ten.I also observed this behavior among most southindian guys especially ones from south tamilnadu.I started thinking over the reasons for such a foolish behaviour of mine. The first reason that sprang up in my mind was fear to be ashamed ,that too specially being mocked on by the whole class for a stupid question or answer,that too infront of opposite sex.Me being an ardent quizzer used to answer for each and everything in my class until my class 10,then i began to get a little reserved answering only if the situation demands.I too stopped asking a lot of doubts i used to ask to my lecturers.All these qualities developed with age.Yes,such kind of environment is prevailing allover South Tamilnadu where students stop asking doubts, and stop anwering questions due to opposite sex phobia .Why such a situation is prevailing mainly in tamilnadu that too in south???,when i started thinking over this i got an answer.Only in south tamilnadu our ancient tamil culture seems to be followed in which men are usually prohibited from talking to a woman unless its of a definite purpose.But i dont think such things are applicable in todays competetive world.If we carefully examine we will come to know tamilnadu stands first in India in number of AIDS patients.Yes,when u are prohibited from doing something your mind will get too much obsessed with it thats what the situation that is prevailing in tamilnadu where people dont exchange their feelings in mind openly (like Richard gere,lol) . So its the time in which politicians ,students and people in tamilnadu start to realise in todays competetive cosmopolitan world a man talking to a woman and working with her is not a erroneous act,but a move that has to be appreciated because it removes the barrier between the two sexes and encourages exchange of ideals which is of great importance. Dear fellow tamilians befriend opposite sex,but be sure that you have your roots in our culture as Nehru said.So share a friendship with the opposite sex,but beware that you dont cross a limit which ultimately spoils your life.All the Best!!!!


mag said...

Well well.... you contradict your own lines buddy.. you are very liberal in your thoughts in this piece... but you lashed out on th 'women drinking' and the 'formal wear' articles....... well if you understand that change is the only thing that is permanent, why not appreciate every change with equal ease?? why be liberal on one issue and conservative on the other?

S.Jeeva said...

@ Mag
I am neither liberal nor conservative , lets understand that any ideology wont help the world to attain greater heights, its only the neutral stance that elevates it. So i am liberoconservative, in the mid of two extremes . May be its my views it oculd be right or wrong,but i beleive it will make people think on these lines,thats my aim